HELM Wiring provides a full service solution for all of your wiring needs. Whether you’re looking for harnesses, electrical, lighting or manufacturing solutions, we take pride in delivering quality products to a wide range of industries. Our innovative team, world-class equipment and satisfied clients are just the start of the HELM Wiring difference.

Our people

With over 20+ years experience in the vehicle body building and wiring harness industry, the HELM Wiring Team is always evolving.

Utilising an adaptive mindset, our team specialises in:

  • developing products that focus on enhancing current manufacturing procedures,
  • taking existing products to the next level by optimising functionality, and
  • producing superior products overall.

Our Products

HELM Wiring is equipped with the most advanced technology available, to develop the highest quality products possible.


Currently undertaking the ISO9001 certification, HELM Wiring upholds a culture of quality and integrity that operates at the highest global standard.

With a team of highly experienced quality management officers, your product from conceptualisation is guarenteed to be the best it can be.

We know how important it is for your final product to stand out, stay true to your vision and most importantly, stand the test of time. Our intensive Quality Management Systems ensure that every product is held to the highest global standard.